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Kargil Hotels

The Martyrs’ Land- Kargil

When visiting Ladakh, you cannot just miss the Kargil to get the most of nationalist feel. There is not place better than Kargil that can make you feel prouder enough.

Besides, Kargil has a lot to offer than just being a martyrs land; it is the second largest town in Ladakh and surely one of the most beautiful. Protected by the Indian soldiers, Kargil offers an altogether different experience to visitors.

Hospitable Kargil

At an elevation of 2,676 meters, Kargil is situated along the banks of Suru River (Indus) forming a picturesque town of Kargil. If you want to stay and take pride in staying some of the best hotels in Kargil, you have plethora of options to choose from. The beautiful views and enchanting mountains will mesmerize you here in Kargil.

LOC Kargil

While you are in Kargil, you cannot miss the opportunity to see the Line of Control where our soldiers fought for the nation. There are many other attractions in Kargil like Kargil War Memorial, Hall of fame, Phutkal Monastery and others on road that leads to Kargil.

When you are so close to the border, you cannot come back without visiting all the attractions that lies in this area. Therefore staying a night becomes inevitable and Hotels in Kargil are comforting, facilitating and hospitable enough to enjoy the night.

List of 5 Hotels

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