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Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri Lake
Powerful, interminable, tremendous, bounteous, clear, wonderful and unadulterated. At Tso Moriri, everything we could do was bow down and feel honored at having seen it. Tso Moriri, a ways off of around 250 km from Leh is a high elevation mountain lake at a tallness of around 4500 m, in Ladakh. 
Tso Moriri Lake in Changthang district of Ladakh is one of the most lovely, quiet and holy (for ladakhis) high height lakes in India. Actually, it is the biggest high height lake in India that is completely in Indian Territory. This wonderful blue bed lake is around 7 KM wide at its broadest point and around 19 KM long. Being a piece of the wetland hold under Ramsar site, it is real known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve and one can't set up any shelters or develop anything close to the banks of the lake. It is the most noteworthy Ramsar site on the planet. An enormous number of vegetation is found in the area.
Tso-moriri is mind-numbingly delightful, Calm and hallowed lake. Tso-moriri is higher than Pangong Tso and the water is far less harsh supporting more birdlife. The water is perfectly clear and of a dark blue shading. In any case, since the Tso-moriri Lake has no outlet, its waters are therefore salty, in spite of the fact that not truly perceivable to the taste. Indeed, the Tso-moriri Lake was before a well known wellspring of salt. 
Tso-moriri Lake is arranged in the raised locale of Rupshu. The Rupshu valley lies south east of Ladakh out and about from Manali to Leh at elevation extending from 16,500 feet. The 137 km drive from Leh to Rupshu can be canvassed in 7 to 9 hours. This pretty valley is possessed by a little populace of 'Changspa', who are itinerant shepherds. The zone is wealthy in untamed life including the wild ass, dark necked cranes and geese rush to the lake side for reproducing throughout the mid year months. This quiet lake and the zone around it pull in an enormous scope of natural life, including transient winged animals, marmots, wild asses, and (once in a while spotted) Tibetan wolves. Roaming herders of goats, yaks, and bovines live in the lake's region. In all actuality this spot is amazingly unforgiving and hard to endure particularly in winters. This eye-mitigating lake is the Divine Destination in Leh. Chumathang Hot springs: Chumathang pateau situated while in transit to Tso Moriri is renowned for the bubbling hot sulfur springs by the frigid cold Indus River. The Chumathang underground aquifers like other natural aquifers is additionally viewed as corrective in nature!

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