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Tso Kar Lake

Tso Kar Lake Ladakh UT Tso Kar Lake
The littlest of the three high height snow capped lakes in the Ladakh UT, Tso Kar Lake is arranged in the Rupshu Valley at a rise of more than 14,700 ft. It is otherwise called the White Lake as a result of the measure of salts that get stored on the banks of the lake. It is spread across 10 sq km and untruths 250 km southeast of Leh, 50 km from Tso Moriri Lake which is the most elevated harsh water lake in India. 
The lake is likewise well known among fowl watchers as the marshlands encompassing the lake is home to a few uncommon types of feathered creatures. The normal feathered creatures that are seen are Brahmni ducks, bar headed geese and incredible peaked grebe. The primary fascination, notwithstanding, is the dark necked crane. The dark necked cranes, known for their devotion, come to Tso Kar to lay eggs. Seeing the feathered creature, with a wingspan of just about eight ft, taking off is a stunning sight to observer against the scenery of green fields and the snow secured mountains. 
In spite of the fact that not as renowned as the other two lakes, the lake is tranquil and calm. Migrants that occupy the close by districts bring home the bacon from gathering the salt from the banks of the lake and offering it to encompassing areas. 
Tso Kar has the choice of late evening outdoors despite the fact that the quantity of tents isn't large. It is smarter to book settlement in Leh because of the unpleasant climate. The campground is on the west finish of the lake close to the Manali-Leh street around three km from the lake. 
Settlement alternatives are effectively accessible at Leh. There are various spending plan and mid-extend lodgings to suit your inclination.
  • An excursion to the three lakes, Tso Kar, Tso Moriri and Pangong is mainstream movement among explorers 
  • Tso Kar additionally supports other untamed life. The most widely recognized warm blooded creatures here are the Kiangs (the biggest wild ass). The warm blooded animal can't be restrained and lives in enormous gatherings. 
  • Convenience choices are effectively accessible at Leh. There are various spending plan and mid-go lodgings to suit your inclination.

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