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Lamayuru Lamayuru Lamayuru Lamayuru

Lamayuru Monastery is arranged 127 Kms west of Leh. In the eleventh, century the mahasiddha Naropa resulted in these present circumstances place and the cavern where he lived and ruminated is still to be seen today. At that point Rinchen Zangpo, the Translator came and manufactured a few sanctuaries and stupas thus the instructing of the Kadampa School came to prosper incredibly there. From there on for a long time the religious community was regulated by the Zhwa-deface dad (Red Hats), after which the Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial offered it to Chosje Danma, whom he had welcomed to Ladakh. The ceremonies and observances of the Digung Kargyud School were presented and the religious community got the name of Yundung Tharpaling. The progressive resurrection of Skyabsje Togldan Rinpoche goes about as the officeholders of the religious community. Consistently on the seventeenth, and eighteenth, day of the fifth, Tibetan month the ascetic celebration of the alleged (Yuru Kabgyad) is held during which moves are performed. During the celebration all the sanctums and Thangkas saved opened for the enthusiasts.

  • Lamayuru is a little town in Ladakh, halfway among Kargil and Leh on NH1-D, the Srinagar-Leh interstate. Moonlike scenes cut into the Greater Himalayas are its specialty. 
  • Situated in the faraway place that is known for Ladakh, Lamayuru Monastery is maybe one of the most charming spots that you can see. Viewed as one of the biggest and most established cloisters of Ladakh, it's likewise a spot which has various stories and legends related with it. Utilizing a couple of those, I assembled the story after my visit to Lamayuru, and I should admit directly first and foremost that it's part legend, part fiction.

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